Thursday, January 31, 2008

My years at school

I'm learning math and subtrackshon at school.I'm really good at math.I think is one of the easist things to do at school if you have lots of practice that is.My school is of the hook.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

You Can Fall Off A Swing

I learned that if you swing without holding on you can fall off and break an arm.I broke an arm but I didn't think that I was going to break an arm when I did.The swing had a little play place and 3 swings.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Hard Casts

These are my hard casts. They are purple and hot pink. At the doctor they didn't have to reset my arm again, instead they just took x-rays (and this time we got to see the x-rays) and then put my casts on.

When I got hurt lots of people came to visit me. Granddaddy brought me a teddy bear named Beary the Bear and Lisa and Zack gave me a little teddy bear that had a sign that said "To brighten your day" along with a puppy dog card.

I got lots of people to sign my hard cast yesterday after I got them. I can tell you some people who have already signed my cast - mom, dad, Zoey (my dog) Caleb (my brother), Kennedy (my sister), Mrs. Mary, Pastor Abbye (a pastor at church), Mrs. Stephanie (a person who goes to my church), my grandpa and me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I like to dance.

When I danced I had five friends.Their names are Cary, Terry, Hannah, Elisabeth, Carasha and they are my best friends. I was in ballet,tap and jazz. Those were the dances I was in. I have danced for 4 years and I had lots of fun. I got to take my costumes home and they were cute and pretty. I had to wear a black leotard and pink tights at practice along with my ballet shoes, tap shoes or jazz shoes. I had 3 classes. My first class was ballet, then jazz, then tap. In jazz we stretched first then we added on to our dance. We had to do splits. We had to touch our toes. We had to bend over sideways. We had to sit down and stretch our legs out to the side. We also did situps and we had blue and green mats to do it on. Sometimes we had to do ball-heel and then we also practiced buffalos (not the animal buffalo though). I was kind of silly but I realized that I can have lots of fun with my friends that's why I like to dance.

Friday, June 15, 2007

When I broke my arms.

One day I broke my arms at my Grandpa's and Grandma's house.I was swinging on the swing.
When I fell on the ground.I screamed a lot.We had to go to the Medac at first then we went o the
hospital.They had to x-ray my arms...then they put a IV in my left arm.Then they fixed my arm.While that was hapning I was put to sleep.On Monday I will get my hard cast.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moses and The Israelites

I went to church today.I had a great day at church today. Today I got a prize because we had these treasure chest papers and we get prizes and I got Nerds.
I learned about Moses and I had a review questions. I answered 2 of them. I had 10 treasure chest rewards. I learned that the Israelites whined for water and whined for food. God was leading them in a cloud in the day and at night he was leading them in fire. I learned that you should think of the good things that God has done for you instead of whining for stuff you want cause you won't get anything. When you think of the good things that God has done for you, you will get good stuff instead of whining and getting nothing.